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Ofsted Good School

High Standards & Expectations

“Teachers forge good relationships with their students based on high levels of respect. This results in students being eager to please their teachers and to give of their best in the vast majority of classes.” - Ofsted

Code of Conduct


Students are expected to: 

1. Punctuality: 

  • Arrive on time, entering the classroom in an orderly manner; 
  • When a teacher indicates the end of a lesson, pack their bags and move to the next lesson quietly and quickly; 

2. Organisation: 

  • Bring the correct equipment, books and completed homework; 
  • Record the homework in their student planner/diary; 

3. Good manners: 

  • Listen when others are speaking; 
  • Speak only when their contribution is relevant to the lesson; 
  • Raise their hands to answer or to ask a question; 
  • Work co-operatively with others; 

4. Concentration: 

  • Participate fully in the lesson; 
  • Listen carefully to instructions; 
  • Stay focused on the task; 
  • Allow other students to concentrate on the lesson; 

5. Health and safety: 

  • Ensure that their behaviour in class does not endanger anyone; 
  • Leave the classroom in a clean and orderly state.