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Student Responsibilities regarding Attendance & Punctuality

We ask that all our students take responsibility for supporting their own progress and academic success by maintaining good, consistent attendance and punctuality whilst attending Stockport School.

It has been proven that excellent attendance (over 96%) and good punctuality can make a difference of at least one or two full GCSE grades across all subjects studied from that of another student with less than 90% attendance. It is therefore vital that you attend regularly on time each day, in order to give yourself the best chance of success!

In particular, students are asked to:

  • Arrive on time in school at or before 8.45am in order to enter their first lesson at 8.50am prompt.
  • Be prompt to the afternoon session, where they will register in Period 5 at 1.50pm and to their afternoon registration at 2.50pm (not on Thursdays)
  • Attend all lessons throughout the day punctually.
  • Attend on all days the school is open unless too unwell/incapacitated to do so.