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Numeracy and literacy are vital skills. They help in day-to-day activities and are linked to higher wages and employment. We want to give students every opportunity to achieve and surpass their expectations of themselves. Co-operation between school and home will help ensure that all children have the best support possible.
The Parent Engagement Evening in September outlined the school’s expectations and shared information about how to support your child in their Maths and English journey.
The evening included:
1.       An overview of our setting and schemes of work
2.       Our online homework portals
3.       Out of class Maths and English opportunities
4.       Methods for numeracy and literacy consolidation at home

As a reminder from both departments, all students should have the following at school daily:
·         Student planner
·         Pen, pencil, rubber, ruler
·         Scientific calculator
·         Maths set with a protractor and compasses
·         Reading book
We have provided the slides from the evening for all parents and carers English here and Maths here.