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Careers Leader: Ms S Lyon

Careers Guidance Counsellor: Mr M Henshall-Watson

Work Experience Manager: Mr P Rough

Work Experience Co-ordinator: Mrs H Thorley

Senior Line Manager: Ms B Schofield

Careers Policy

Key Stage 3

Careers enrichment sessions are delivered by form tutors.

Year 7 and Year 8 register with U-Explore and familiarise themselves with this web based resource. Students are able to research a wide variety of careers and consider how their interests, skills and qualities might be developed into a career choice.

Year 9 Prepare for the options process and consider decision making and the importance of GCSEs in their future choices. A variety of visiting speakers support this in assemblies. Year 9 students and thier parents and carers are invited to the annual Careers Convention. 

Year 9 Careers Lessons

Year 9 students have eight careers lessons which form part of the technology carousel.  In these lessons students cover the employability skills, the variety of apprenticeships, from intermediate to higher level, and things to consider when choosing a university or college course.

Key Stage 4

Careers enrichment sessions are delivered by form tutors.

Year 10 carry out work experience preparation

Year 11 review college applications, interview skills and the completion of CVs.

A wide variety of visiting speakers and workshops are organised for KS4 students, in addition to the annual Careers Convention which is attended by many colleges, apprenticeship providers, universities and employers. Parents and carers are invited to the Careeers Convention. 

Year 10 Careers Lessons

Year 10 students have eight discrete careers lesson as part of the PSHCE curriculum.   These enable students to begin preparation of CVs and personal statements and to establish the importance of linking these documents to the college applications and the careers they might wish to pursue. Students learn about how to become employable by developing their skills and qualities through extracurricular activities, work experience and the hobbies and interests they engage in during their free time. Students also learn about the importance of networking and maintaining a positive online presence through social media including Linked In and Instagram. College talks and visiting speakers support the delivery of this course.


The Quality in Careers Standard awarded by Inspiring IAG

Stockport School were awarded The Quality in Careers Standard by Inspiring IAG on 5th December 2017.

“Summary - The culture of Stockport School is that of aspiration and improving the life chances for its students.  CEIAG plays a key, underlying role in this.  The delivery model of CEIAG is a varied and mixed one, to meet different students’ needs, but also has a personalised approach.  I am delighted to recommend that Stockport School achieves The Quality in Careers Standard, as delivered by Inspiring IAG”.


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