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Reece Sadler, one of our young carers was recently featured in an article by The Telegraph, you can read the article here

Stockport School is committed to enabling young carers to access education and support. This policy aims to ensure young carers at this school are identified and offered appropriate support to access the education and other services to which they are entitled.

Young carers are children and young people who provide care to another family member. The level of care they provide would usually be undertaken by an adult and as a result of this they take on a level of responsibility that is inappropriate to their age and development. This is likely to have a significant impact on their childhood experiences.

Stockport School is proud to have been awarded the Young Carers - Gold Award for its outstanding commitment to our student young carers.

The Young Carer's Charter

Young Carers Policy

Support Offered

Why do we need a school lead for Young Carers? (With Statistical information)

Role Description - School Lead for Young Carers

Identifying a Young Carer in school

Govering Matters (Young Carers)

Sec Ed - Young Carers Article (April 2016)


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For further information please contact John Warren, Matt Williamson or Katy Frankland, Young Carers on Tel: 0161 947 4690 or