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First Aid/Medication Procedures


If your child has to bring medication into school, this must be handed into First Aid immediately on arrival at school together with clear written instructions for the administration.   Students carrying their own medication are not following school procedures, and if lost, are at risk of endangering other pupils. 

Should your child suffer from Asthma, please ensure they have a spare inhaler in the First Aid office should they need it in an emergency. 

Please ensure you keep school updated with any change in telephone numbers, as failing to do this could result in a delay in contacting you should an emergency arise. 

In order to support Stockport School Policy on the restricted use of mobile phones in school, please remind your child not to phone home if they are unwell in school as their phone will be confiscated.

They should report this to a member of staff who will send them to the First Aid Office to be assessed.  The experienced First Aid officers are always available to assist students sent by teachers and to deal with any medical emergency.  The staff will then contact you if they feel that your child is unable to continue in lessons.



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