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The SEND Team


SEN Co-ordinator (SENCO)

Mrs H McNicholls - Email



Assistant SEN Co-ordinator

Mrs L Jennings - Email


Director of Pathways 1

Mrs C Brennand - Email


Intervention and Achievement mentor

Mrs A Wild - Email



Learning Support Service

Specialist Teacher

Mrs T Armstrong - Email


Teaching Assistants

Mrs G Davies
Mrs K Downs
Mrs S Eames
Mr S Griffiths
Mrs V Guest
Miss T Johnson
Miss N Kelly
Mrs M McCulloch
Mrs D Salad
Mr J Walker
Mrs E Warren
Mr C Galvin
Mrs C Wood
Mrs A Allen
Ms S Baker
Mrs A Burgess
Mr M Davison
Mrs M Guy
Mrs E Warren
Mrs D Hughes
Mrs T Carrington
Mrs S Ullah
Mrs L Molloy

First Aid Team
Mrs T Carrington
Mrs J Lee