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“Attendance levels are above the national average.” - Ofsted, 2013

Students who are not here are not learning!

Attendance is a key factor in success at Stockport School. The school and the Government place great emphasis on full attendance. 

A copy of the school term and holiday dates for the current academic year is available here

Students should be at school by 8.45 am. If your child is absent, we ask that you telephone the school office before 8.45 am on 0161-483-3622. Students not in school, whose parents/carers have not informed us of a reason for absence, will receive a telephone call, text message or email to check that the absence is genuine on the first day that they are away. 

On the day that a student returns, a note must be brought in to explain the absence. Any unexplained absence is recorded as truancy. The school is bound by DfE regulations. The DfE now regards all unauthorised absence as truancy, aided and abetted by parents.

Absence is classified as unauthorised in the following cases: 

  • If the reason for absence is unacceptable to the school
  • If the student does not bring a written explanation of absence from a parent
  • If the student misses a lesson without the permission of the teacher
  • If the student leaves the school site without the written permission of a parent and a member of staff 

Unauthorised absence is noted in a student’s individual school record and has to be reported to the DfE.

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