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GCSE AQA Sociology



GCSE Sociology offers an engaging and effective introduction to Sociology. Students develop knowledge and understanding about the society they are part of and about how sociologists study society. Sociology is an exciting, interesting subject which has great relevance to student’s lives. It teaches knowledge and skills which act as a solid foundation for the future. Students learn to see society in new ways and to understand the interrelated nature of key social institutions such as families, education, religion, the law, media and politics.

Key features of the course:

You will study one unit in Year 10 and another in Year 11. These are equally weighted and are worth 50% of your final grade. Both units are externally assessed by a written exam paper, each lasting for 1 Hour and 45 Minutes. In Year 10 you will complete ‘The sociology of families, The sociology of education and Relevant areas of social theory and methods’ which provides an engaging introduction to some of the key concepts within Sociology. You will consider social structures, processes and issues which are fundamental to how Sociologists think about things and which allow you to develop a more sociological mind. In Year 11 you extend this deeper by engaging in the study of ’The sociology of crime and deviance, the sociology of social stratification and Relevant areas of social theory and methods’.

What kind of students is this suitable for?

Sociology is a challenging subject which demands that students have a genuine interest in, and desire to know more about, the society in which they live. Students who already have an interest in the World around them will find Sociology really builds on that interest and extends their understanding in a way that is unique to this subject. If you are able to take a questioning approach to the evidence and issues covered in Sociology and are keen to develop your critical thinking and evaluation skills, you will enjoy Sociology. You need to be motivated,and curious enough to want to engage in extensive background reading and you should be keen to voice your own opinions and challenge those of others in a logical and confident way. You should also be someone who enjoys having your own views challenged and be open to a range of alternative viewpoints.


What could this lead on to?

The insights you gain during your time studying GCSE Sociology will help you to become a more informed member of society. More than that, Sociology, and the skills it develops can prepare you for a broad range of future options. Many students will go on to study Sociology at A Level and beyond to degree level. Graduates of Sociology tend to have a way of thinking about and understanding society which lends itself to many rewarding careers. Sociology can lead to careers in law and justice, business and industry, education and research, the communications market, international opportunities and even within government and politics to name but a few.


Course details: AQA GCSE Sociology (full course, 9-1)

Assessment: 2 exams at the end of Year 11 - each worth 50%