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Health & Social Care

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Health and Social Care 
(BTEC Tech Award level 2)

About 3 million people in the UK work in health and social care, which is equivalent to 1 in every 10 people. Demand for both health and social care is likely to continue to rise due to the ageing population, so it is sure to continue to play a key role in UK society. The demand for people to fill these vital jobs will continue to increase. Our rationale is to provide a fluid and dynamic knowledge rich KS4 option curriculum, which gives learners, access and progress to KS5 and beyond. This course will help learners to develop key transferable skills and knowledge such as self-evaluation and research skills.

The course is set out into 3 modules, the third of which will include an external exam. Learners will study how people grow and develop over the course of their lives from infancy to old age, and the factors that may affect this, such as major life events like illness or parenthood. Learners will analyse this impact from a positive and negative viewpoint, demonstrating empathy. They may apply this to a person of their choice. Learners will understand how people adapt to these changes and the local and national health care and social care support that is available for them. Learners research a range of local health and social care services in their local community. They will look at how people access the local health and social care services provided and the support that is given in the local community to overcome barriers. There will be the opportunity to demonstrate and apply the key care values to scenarios. Learners develop skills in measuring and interpreting data about someone’s physiological health to design a care plan that will allow them to analyse and improve their health and wellbeing. Overall, learners should be given the opportunity to self-reflect about choices they make and how they affect others. Although the subject is mainly coursework based there is also an external examination taken in year 11 that accounts for 40% of the overall grade for the qualification.

Throughout the course learners will carry out their own research, analyse their data, create health care plans and evaluate real life case studies whilst considering which relevant intervention and support their individuals may need. Learners will also take part in role play and work experience in order to demonstrate good care values.

Health and Social Care is an enjoyable and interesting subject to study. It is a course that not only builds knowledge but also helps students to develop life-long skills and values that will enable them to support and care for others in a professional and compassionate manner. This is an ideal subject to study for anyone who is interested in working within the health care service or social care sector.

Materials required to complete the Controlled Assessment 

Questionnaires. OCR Textbook. Information from initial interviews.

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