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Resistant Materials


Mrs G Davies - email 

Design and Technology, Resistant Materials is a very demanding practical subject area that requires the application of knowledge and understanding when developing ideas,planning, producing products and evaluating them through the activities of designing and making in wood, metal and plastics. This subject is 'hands on' and through their experiences students will demonstrate initiative but will seek assistance when required.


  • Identifying problems – situation and brief
  • Research – collect relevant information
  • Analysis – use the research to help move on
  • Specification – set clear targets for the solution
  • Initial ideas – suggest a range of possible solutions
  • Development – choose 1 idea to develop and make
  • Evaluation – evaluate the product against the initial brief and specification


Plan the making – show, in organized stages, how the product can be made.  Realisation – make the design in the most appropriate material.  Correct errors - show how the design is changed during the manufacturing stage

  • A range of both Design and Making skills will be covered to include:
  • Use a variety of freehand drawing techniques including 2-D and 3-D drawings
  • Use techniques to show shadow, highlights, shape and form
  • Demonstrate textural representation to illustrate wood, plastic, glass, metal,concrete etc
  • Understand the effect of colour and methods of application
  • Understand and make use of orthographic projection and isometric drawings and exploded views
  • Use British Standards and other conventions
  • Produce a range of 2-D and 3-D charts such as pie charts, pictograms, histograms etc and analyse the data
  • Cut, shape and trim materials to accurate sizes
  • Work in a safe manner to cut by hand and machine and consider health and safety requirements
  • Use the correct material for the job and make judgements about the construction,finish, quality, strength, flexibility and rigidity
  • Make full use of all graphic media such as pens, pencils and pencil crayons. Study different production techniques and consider how demand changes productionlevels and techniques

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