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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an enriching and engaging curriculum across the Key Stage ranges both in and outside of the classroom. As a department we aim to pass on our own passion for music through providing a range of performance opportunities and allowing pupils to experience a wide range of music from different cultures – past and present. 



Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 we aim to engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music whilst increasing their self-confidence. The Music Curriculum at Stockport School allows pupils to explore the three main areas of the national curriculum:

  • Listening to and Evaluating music,
  • Performing music
  • Composing music.  

Due to the ever evolving technological world, we also have a separate curriculum for Music Technology which allows pupils to explore Computer based Music skills in our additional Music Technology Suite.

Years 7, 8 and 9 receive two (one hour) lessons a fortnight of classroom music lessons. In addition they also receive a half term of Music Technology per year on the rotation timetable.

Year 7 Music 

The Year 7 Music Curriculum involves bridging units to help those students that haven’t studied much music to catch up as well as activities to further extend gifted and talented musicians (allowing all students to make progress). The topics in Year 7 include ‘Finding Your Voice’, ‘It’s all about the beat’, ‘Instruments of the Orchestra’, ‘Learning the Keyboard through music of The Beatles’, ‘Exploring World Music’, ‘Learning the Ukulele’ and ‘Samba music’. In the Music Technology rotation, pupils will explore structure and a series of Music Technology techniques when working with loops and samples. Pupils will build their own pieces of music using loop based software and apply basic music technology effects such as panning.

Year 8 Music

The Year 8 Music Curriculum builds on this knowledge by exploring six new units of work. Topics include ‘Patterns in Music’, ‘The Blues’, ‘The Classical Remix’, ‘Say it with lyrics’, ‘Rock n Roll’ and ‘further developing Ukulele skills’. In Music technology, pupils are introduced to the sequencing software Cubase and learn how to work with midi to re-create pieces of music.

Year 9 Music 

Year 9 begins to prepare pupils for the GCSE music course through the following engaging topics: Film Music, Reggae music, History of Popular music, Class Band Ensembles and Popular Song writing. In Music Technology, pupils explore how to combine midi and audio whilst working with more advanced mixing techniques to recreate soundtracks for silent film clips.

Extra-Curricular Music

All pupils are encouraged to take part in the wide range of extra-curricular music making activities that are on offer at Stockport School. On arriving at Stockport School, all of Year 7 are encouraged to participate in a Year 7 Concert for parents, carers and friends in November allowing all pupils to bond with their form and grow in confidence within their year group. Throughout the year there are also performance opportunities for all year groups to be involved in which include a Musical (October), Christmas Concert (December), Busking at Handforth Dean (December), Performing in the Community at different Christmas functions (December), a ;Soloists’ and Spring Concert (March) and Summer Concert (July).

Peripatetic Lessons

Music is an important part of life at Stockport School and we have a wide range of instrumental lessons taught by a dedicated team of peripatetic teachers.  These teachers deliver lessons on a range of instruments which include:

Brass          Drums          Keyboard/Piano          Guitar/Bass         

Vocals        Strings          Theory                           Woodwind (Clarinet, Flute and Saxophone)      

Letter for Parents

Key Stage 4

We follow the new AQA GCSE Music course which focuses primarily on practical music making skills where students develop their performance and composing skills as well as analysing and evaluating music from a wide range of styles.

Coursework makes up 60% of the content and allows students to enjoy the freedom of focusing on styles or genres that are close to their heart. Unlike in years 7-9, performances now take place on a student’s own instrument/voice and with other musicians in or outside of school.

Composition is explored using specialist music software such as Sibelius and Cubase which provides students with the skills to take a variety of post-16 courses such as A Level Music, A Level Music Technology or other music BTEC style courses.

As well as gaining a highly regarded GCSE qualification, students will also develop their self-confidence, communication, creative and analytical skills.  You must be able to play an instrument or sing to a good standard which means taking weekly lessons in school or with a private tutor to ensure you make good progress. To get the most out of the course you should play in one of the groups in school and appreciate music of many different genres and eras.

We also offer the NCFE VCERT Music Technology qualification for those students who do not necessarily play an instrument but enjoy creating and editing music using specific music software.

Music Department Aims

Music Department Aims

  • To offer a vibrant extra-curricular programme that encourages all types of musicians to be involved in ensemble music making.
  • To put on a range of enriching performance opportunities to allow pupils to develop their confidence and self-esteem.
  • To promote enjoyment for the subject by implementing exciting and current Schemes of Work that engages all learners across the age ranges.
  • To provide a caring environment where all learners are encouraged to achieve their potential in music based around their individual needs.
  • To offer appropriate courses at GCSE Level to help educate those pupils that would like to carry on their studies.
  • To promote the highest standards of education through actively implementing whole school policies within the music environment.
  • To encourage cross-curricular links in order to further pupils experience of music.
  • To provide a range of instrumental tutors in order to allow all pupils to learn a musical instrument.

Extra-Curricular Programme

All ensembles run weekly and are delivered by the two full time music teachers and external peripatetic tutors. The programme includes:

  • Monday Lunch = Classical Guitar club with Mr Bell
  • Monday After school = GCSE music club (Composing and Performing)
  • Tuesday Lunch = Show Rehersals
  • Tuesday After school = Concert Band with Mrs Didcote, Miss Sunderland, Miss McMillan and Mr Luckhurst.
  • Wednesday Lunch = Choir with Mr Sunderland
  • Wednesday Lunch = Rock Band Club with Mr Smith
  • Wednesday After school = Extra GCSE support/revision with Mrs Didcote and Mr Sunderland
  • Thursday Lunch = Flute Group and Woodwind ensemble
  • Thursday Lunch = Rock band club with Mr Bell
  • Friday Lunch = School of Rock Band Rehersal
  • Friday After School = Show Rehersals

Instrumental/Vocal Lessons

Instrumental/Vocal Lessons

We have a wide range of instrumental lessons taught by a dedicated team of peripatetic teachers.  The instrumental lessons cover all levels from beginner to Grade 8 and students can opt to take formal music exams should they wish.

Increasingly employers are attracted by the intellectual, practical and interpersonal skills students with music qualifications tend to foster. Employment opportunities for students with skills in music are very good and are an excellent way of supporting University applications. Students learning an instrument are seen to be capable of dedication due to the perseverance playing a musical instrument requires. Tutors at Stockport offer 20 minute one to one tuition at a very reasonable rate. Lessons are provided for free for those students taking GCSE music and those entitled to free school meals.

Peripatetic Teaching Staff



Teaching Day

Practice Room


Miss R. James 




Mr M. Gillbanks



Woodwind (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone)

Miss E Burkhardt





Miss P. McMillan



Guitar & Bass

Mr G Bell

Monday and Thursday


Guitar & Bass

Mr D Smith



Piano & Bass

Mr A Hutchins




Miss S. Richards



Boys Singing

Mr B. McNamee



















Costs of lessons 2018-2019:

£270.00 for a FULL YEAR of lessons.                        

£90.00 for a FULL TERM of lessons.                         

£45.00 for one HALF-TERM of lessons. 

(Free for those students taking GCSE music or entitled to Free School Meals).

If you are interested in having instrumental lessons at Stockport School then please download the attached letter, fill in the form and hand in to the finance office with the correct amount of monies.


We also have a range of musical instruments which can be hired for free should you need an instrument to practise on.


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