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GCSE Art Pack Letter

KS3 Sketchbooks Letter


All Students throughout their time here at Stockport School are taught in mixed ability groups, underpinning the inclusive access this subject naturally offers, enabling all to share, develop and grow together at their own pace.
This is demonstrated by our excellent results and popularity at GCSE.


Mr C Fletcher
Ms G Lam

Art Technician

Mrs S Bouhassoune

Key Stage 3

We deliver a thoughtful programme of study which supports pupils progression and fufills all the requirements of the National Curriculum for students to experience materials and concepts.

Year 7 learning is focused around developing basic drawing, painting skills and 3D construction producing a personal response inspired by Artists past and present.

In Year 8 Students experience working with a wider range of techniques and materials to that previously learnt, they are encouraged to develop and refine their skills learned in Year 7 and make cross-curricular links with English, Science and Maths whilst working under the theme of ‘Pattern’ in a more expressive way. 

Under the theme of 'Festivals and Traditions' Year 9 students explore a Culture, an Art Movement or Artist and are delivered in support of the transition from KS3 to KS4. They will continue to refine skills gained in lower years, build confidence in their own ideas and design and make a final piece in at least one of the following disciplines; Painting, Textiles, Ceramics, 3D, Printing or Mixed Media.


During each project students are encouraged to participate in group discussion about the work of various artists, to share thoughts and express opinions and to be open to new ideas. All class work, work in sketchbooks and homework is assessed on completion and constructive written and verbal feedback is given to aid student progress.

Key Stage 4 - GCSE Fine Art 
The Art department prides itself on being able to build strong working relationships with its students to ensure they each progress, achieve their full potential and independently realise their ideas.

All students will complete two projects in Year 10: a project focused on Food and start another inspired by a past GCSE exam paper which could be titled; Close Up, Arrangements, Art in Boxes, Edges, Clothing. They are encouraged to produce work exploring a wide range of materials, expand their knowledge of techniques and refine their skills in a personal and individual way. This gives them the opportunity to produce outcomes in textiles, 3D, painting and printing, whilst working creatively in sketchbooks, completing research projects and supportive tasks.

These two completed projects then completes their Portfolio of Work (Coursework) equating to 60% of their overall Final GCSE Grade.

During Year 11 students will sit a Mock Exam. This Mock Exam is an opportunity for students to experience working in the Art rooms under exam control conditions and gain the knowledge they need along with working closely with their subject teachers of the expectations required to be successful in their Final 10hour Exam which is held in the Art Rooms over two separate days.

Compulsory elements for each project are:

  • Research - a collection of photographs, images and written annotation.
  • Recording - observational drawings inspired by their research as initial ideas.
  • Experimentation - developing ideas through exploration of materials and techniques.
  • Personal Response - a final outcome which demonstrates a clear connection with the project theme with individual style.

It is vital that each of the above elements are completed to ensure each of the assessment criteria is met.


At the end of each project students receive direction through written and verbal feedback to support them complete any outstanding coursework before their Portfolio of Work is submitted for marking. This is marked against GCSE assessment criteria along with the work they produce for the Final Exam (40%) to award them a Final Overall Grade. All feedback given is of a supportive nature to ensure students are able to develop and refine their work and aim towards achieving their full potential and exceed expectations.



All students are encouraged to attend at least one session a week after school Mon/Tues/Wed from 3.20pm-4.20pm to complete and develop work further or commit to 2 hours independant study to refine.

Equipment required

Most materials are provided within school in addition to these Students are encouraged to gain an art pack and to source any unavailable materials themselves.

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