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Mrs J Howarth - email

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Mrs S Todd

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Key Stage 3

Students are assessed in PE at the start of each year then placed into teaching groups accordingly.  Four single sexed groups and one mixed group.  Each group has a tailored curriculum/pathway for the needs of the class. Each group will undertake a mixture of seven team, individual and creative activities throughout the year to provide a varied but stimulating timetable.

Students are expected to wear correct PE kit for all lessons and will undertake a variety of roles during the year including player/performer, officiating, leading/coaching.

There is an extensive range of extracurricular activities which students are encouraged to get involved in.  These are at lunchtime and after school.  We also have a number of teams which students can represent the school in, alongside a number of house sporting competitions which are held regularly throughout the year.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Howarth should you require more information about the PE curriculum.

Key Stage 4

All Key Stage 4 pupils receive one lesson per fortnight.  

For those who wish to study sport further there are two routes.

GCSE students will be continually assessed throughout the year and there more emphasis on high quality performance during practical activities.  Activities include badminton, table tennis, netball, handball from which their best three activities will be used.  Therefore, students need to be working on task in all activities, as assessments will be regularly made. Students also carry out a piece of coursework based on analysing and evaluating practical performance.  Students will also have two theory exams at the end of the year 11 which will cover a wide range of topics, these will be tested throughout the two years by regular written assessments.

BTEC students will do three compulsory units in addition to a one other unit which the teacher will select depending on the make-up/suitability of the group. There is less emphasis on sporting performance whilst still incorporating practical lessons within the course. Assessment is combined through an external online test and internally assessed coursework.

It is recommended that all students who choose a sporting qualification in KS4 take part in extracurricular activities to enhance practical marks. It is expected that students get involved in leadership, officiating and organising activities to further their sporting experiences. 



AQA Revision Guide


Equipment required

Full school PE kit.  Specific GCSE items available to purchase. 


AQA Revision Guide (£4.50 - See finance)​ 

Useful Contacts

Director of PE/Sport:

Full school PE kit.  Specific GCSE items available to purchase. 

AQA Revision Guide (£4.50 - See finance)​