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Mrs L Parker-Tyree

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The Religious Studies department provides learners with an open and safe environment in which they can express their own beliefs, values and opinions. Through exploring and then evaluating the shared human experience of today’s ever-changing multi-cultural society, we hope to instil in them a respect for the cultures and beliefs of others, both here in our school and in the wider population. We are committed to ensuring our students explore and reflect upon the question of what it is to be a human being, using a holistic and inclusive approach to learning and a variety of activities of an experiential nature. We encourage our learners to embrace their individuality – while also seeing their role as a member of our school community – and we nurture in them an eagerness to broaden their horizons and a desire to progress in every way they can. 


Key Stage 4

The GCSE Religious Education course involves the detailed study of Christianity and Hinduism and looks at how the beliefs and practices of these religions influence believers’ attitudes towards a number of moral and global issues. Assessment comprises of two examinations, both completed in Year 11, which form 100% of the assessment, with each exam worth 50% of the total assessment. The topics on paper 1 include Christian Beliefs, Christian Practices, Hindu Beliefs and Hindu Practices. Paper 2 consists of Relationships and Families, Life Issues, Crime and Punishment and Human Rights and Social Justice.

Each examination requires a knowledge of religious attitudes regarding the issues, as well as personal opinions towards them.



Bitesize GCSE RS Revision Guide

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