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Key Stage 3

History at Stockport school is a safe; yet risk taking learning environment that the pupils want to be a part of, because stimulating and creative learning takes place. The History team are committed to creating a challenging and supportive environment, so that all pupils can achieve their best. This is demonstrated by our excellent results and popularity at GCSE. 

Year 7 topics: 

  • What is History?
  • Why was 1066 a significant year?
  • Does Thomas Becket deserve his title of a Saint?
  • Crusade or Invasion?
  • Who was the real King Richard the Lionheart?
  • Was King John really such as nasty King?
  • What led to the Peasants revolt?
  • How far was the Black Death a total disaster?
  • What would you have done if you were Henry VIII?
  • Did Mary deserve her nickname
  • Was Elizabeth's reign golden? 

Year 8 topics: 

  • Why do we celebrate Bonfire night?
  • Why did people believe in witches?
  • Did Charles I deserve to lose his head?
  • Why did the French revolt?
  • Why did Britain go to war over a cup of tea?
  • How did life change for an African slave?
  • Should William Wilberforce get credited for the abolition of slavery?
  • How far did Martin Luther King achieve equality in America? 

Year 9 topics: 

  • Was World War One inevitable?
  • How was life different after the Russian Revolution?
  • How did someone like Adolf Hitler come to power?
  • Is Adolf Hitler totally to blame for World War II?
  • How did Jews resist the Holocaust?
  • How far did Martin Luther King achieve equality in America?
  • Why was there protest about the Vietnam War?

Key Stage 4

Year 9/10/11

In History we do Edexcel exam board at GCSE. Over the three years pupils will be studying, Paper 1: Crime and Punishment through time 1000-present day, Paper 2:Early Elizabeth England 1558-88 and The American West 1835-1895 and Paper 3:Weimar and Nazi  Germany 1918-39. At the end of Y11, they shall undertake three exams on these topic that in total are worth 100% of their History GCSE. In all aspects of assessment, pupils will be tested on their knowledge and understanding, ability to communicate their judgements in an organised manner and the skill to able to interpret a wide range of sources.  The History Department spends a good amount of time in class concentrating on revision and after school revision sessions are put on to prepare students for their three History exams that will be sat from June onwards: Paper 1:Crime and Punishment through time 1000-present day 1hr 15mins (30%), Paper 2 :Early Elizabeth England 1558-88 and The American West 1835-1895 1hr 45mins (40%) and Paper 3: Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-39 1hr 15mins (30%). It is vital that students attend all lessons and as many revision sessions as possible to give themselves the best possible chance of learning such a huge exam content and practising the exam skills needed, in order for them to achieve the grade that they want.



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