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Modern Foreign Languages

Welcome to the MFL Department. We believe that learning a foreign language can help students build confidence with their speaking skills, support literacy through increased understanding of grammar and provide students with a competitive edge with college and careers choices. Most importantly, we believe the ability to learn a language is a crucial skill in today's increasingly international world.

To support this, we also recognise the importance of developing cultural and international understanding. Our themes and topics are rooted in students' own experiences and interests such as sport, leisure time and future careers. At the same time, we introduce them to cultural features of the countries that they are studying. Extra-curricular activities such as trips, languages clubs, art events and celebration of European Day of Languages further encourage our students to engage with language learning and celebrate culture and diversity.

At GCSE, we follow the AQA specification in order to provide a broad understanding of the culture, countries and communities where French, German and Spanish are spoken. Our aim is to ensure that learners of all abilities have the opportunity to be open-minded global citizens who can reach their potential, whether it be at GCSE or FCSE level.


Director of Study

Ms F Maitrias  - email


Assistant Director of Study


Mr T Kelly
(Head of Spanish)


 Mrs C Robinson 
(Head of KS4 Languages)
(Head of German) 


Miss K Cousins 



Mr D Tipler (German)

Mrs S Lyon (French)

Mrs R Glass (French and Spanish)

Mr V Garcia (Spanish and French)

Miss A Mercier (Spanish and French)

Ms P Cook (French)

Our International School Work



Maths and MFL Roadshow at Altrincham High School for Girls

European Week of Languages

Languages and the Arts Event



French Topics Y7 - Y11

Key Stage 3
KS3 Curriculum Outline (Years 7 & 8)

KS3 Curriculum Plan outline Year 9

Key Stage 4
GCSE French Curriculum Plan outline



Spanish Topics Y7 - Y11

Key Stage 3

KS3 Spanish Curriculum Outline

Key Stage 4
KS4 Spanish Curriculum Outline



German Topics Y7 - Y11

Key Stage 3
KS3 Curriculum Plan outline

Key Stage 4
GCSE German Curriculum Plan outline


Prince's Teaching Institute

The MFL department at Stockport School is linked to the Prince's Teaching Institute and has achieved their Subject Leadership Certificate. This enables us to link with other MFL departments through training opportunities and networking, supporting the development of new ideas and approaches to learning MFL.
The School has been awarded the PTI Mark for Modern Languages


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