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“We will equip students with the skills necessary to understand the impact of science on their lives through engaging, challenging and inspirational learning through which they can progress.”

Director of Study

Mr P Griffith - email


Assistant Directors of Study

Mrs C Harris - email

Mr M Jepson - email

Mr P Stonehouse - email


Mr S Wells - email


Mr C Beever
Mr J Bowers
Mrs J Cox
Ms R Downs
Mrs D Fernandez
Mrs E Garner
Mrs H Hornby
Mrs R McGrory
Ms D Patkin (Century Tech support)
Mrs S Perkins
Miss A Scholes-Higham
Mrs M Simpson


Key Stage 3


Our broad and exciting science curriculum in KS3 involves learning key concepts in biology, chemistry and physics . It is taught across Years 7-9 [2½ years) through topics shown in this link Key Stage 3 Curriculum. Students participate in a wide range of practical activities focussing particularly on the scientific skills needed for KS4 and beyond. Our students learn the scientific knowledge they need to make mature and informed decisions about current moral and ethical scientific issues.

The KS3 science curriculum is accessible to students via Firefly, the school's online learning platform. In conjunction with the Century website, they form our online provision to support students in their learning and revising for tests and mock exams.

Students are assessed during the year using classwork and independent learning tasks. Students are tested in biology, chemistry and physics using end of unit tests and a formal mock exam.

To facilitate learning and prepare for assessments to improve progress, students can access other science revision websites, such as BBC Bitesize, and they can choose to purchase a KS3 revision guide. The school stocks CGP revision guides in the school shop.


Key Stage 4


Students study either combined science or separate sciences (triple). This link shows the topics covered Key Stage 4 Curriculum.

Combined Science (Edexcel): This 2½ year course leads to two GCSE grades and all examinations are sat at the end of Year 11. Students study topics from biology, chemistry and physics with no controlled assessment. Grades are based on the GCSE 9-1 grading system and the examinations can be sat at Higher (grades 99 - 44) or Foundation (grades 55 - 11) tiers.

Separate "Triple" Sciences (Edexcel): This 2½ year course leads to one GCSE in each of biology, chemistry and physics. All examinations are sat at the end of Year 11 with no controlled assessment. Grades are based on the new GCSE 9-1 grading system and the examinations can be sat at Higher (grades 9 - 4) or Foundation (grades 5 - 1) tiers.

The KS4 science curriculum is accessible to students via Firefly, the school's online learning platform. There are also past exam papers and other resources to support students during their revision available on Firefly. The Century website forms the second part of our online provision, which has learning materials and questions to support student's learning and revision. In conjunction with revision guides, BBC Bitesize and other science revision websites; students have a variety of additional resources available to them. Alongside digital resources, a revision guide or workbook can be purchased to support learning and revision. In the school shop we stock the following CGP revision guides: 
 - GCSE Edexcel Combined Science (Higher/Foundation)
 - GCSE Edexcel Biology, Chemistry & Physics (all separate books for "triple" science)


Students are assessed using classwork, independent learning tasks, end of unit assessments as well as a series of formal mock exams. Students can use the wide range of resources mentioned above to prepare for assessments. It is recommended that students carry out their preparation little and often throughout their 2½ GCSE course.


Learning & Revision

Revision Guides – pay and collect at the main office:

  • Key Stage 3

Please note science GCSE courses are Pearson Edexcel

  • GCSE Pearson Edexcel Combined Science
  • GCSE Pearson Edexcel Biology, Chemistry and Physics (For "Triple" science)

If required, CGP also sell text books, work books and answers. Alternative revision guides and work books are available from Pearson, as well as other publishers. If you require any assistance then please email your child's class teacher.


BBC Bitesize

Stockport School Firefly

CenturyTech - Please use Google Chrome

Equipment required

Students will always need pens, a ruler and their exercise books for every lesson

Calculators will also be needed frequently

Useful Contacts

Director of Science:

Mr P Griffith



Stockport School science department has been awarded the PTI subject leadership mark 2020