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Director of Study

Mr A Hinton - Email


Assistant Directors of Study

Miss S Cannon (Year 11)

Mr D Hardman (Year 9 & 10)

Mrs V Hitchmough (Year 7 & 8)


Mr R Tidy (Acting Assistant Director) 



Mr J Warren

Ms C O'Gara

Mr M Haslam

Ms S Abdullah

Mrs L Jennings

Miss C Parker

Mrs S Ward

Mr T Wright

Mr J Hannard

Mr C Hegarty


Higher GCSE course – Years 9 -11

Students in sets 1 and 2 will follow this curriculum.


Intermediate GCSE course – Years 9 – 11

Students in sets 3, 4 and 5 will follow this curriculum. The expectation is that students will complete this at the end of year 10. A decision will then be made on are they ready to study selected topics from the Higher tier of entry or do they need to spend more time consolidating their learning for the Foundation tier of entry.


Foundation GCSE

Students in set 6 will follow this curriculum. Students will follow the Working Towards scheme of work for approximately 9 months before moving onto the Foundation scheme of work for the remainder of the course.

Years 7-8 Five Year Maths Curriculum

Pupils will study a combination of 3 units for each module. As pupils progress through their time, they will move onto higher units. For example,  a pupil may study units DEF in year 7. Therefore, in year 8 they will study units EFG. Pupils will follow this through until year 11.

Skills list and associated Hegarty Maths clips

This is a comprehensive list of skills that students will work on from year 7 until year 11.

KS4 Mathematics Examinations

At Stockport School we follow the Edexcel mathematics course for the new GCSE were attainment is graded from 1 (lowest) to 9 (highest).

The course is delivered in units divided across Year 9, 10 and 11 – please see lists above for Foundation and Higher topic units.

The course is examined in the summer term of Year 11 with three papers of 1.5 hours each, two of which allow the use of a calculator. We recommend that students have a Casio FX-83GT Plus calculator.

The examinations required candidates to apply their knowledge and skills to a range of questions and contextual problems.


Homework and Further Study

In support of pupils’ practise and revision at school and at home, Stockport School may provide students individual accounts for the following websites:

Pupils are encouraged to use these to further their own understanding and develop new skills. 
The websites are available at all times and can be used by parents to assist with revision, access further work or to ensure homework is being completed. Details of homework can be found in pupil planners or on Firefly – accessed via the school’s website at 
Additional materials to support revision and independent learning can be found on the maths curriculum page on Firefly.
Useful revision guides and workbooks are available to purchase via the School Office or Wisepay. 
Pupils will need the following equipment for exams and all maths lessons: 
Pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener, protractor, compass and scientfic calculator - we recommend a Casio FX85-GTX-S Calculator which can be purchased from the school shop at a lower price than the high street.



Maths Sets

All students are taught in traditional sets throughout years 7 to 11. 

Setting will be based upon ability determined from internal assessments including homework, classwork, tests as well as KS2 data & targets to ensure maximum progress. 
We aim for all pupils to be challenged whilst gaining confidence and therefore make excellent progress. Setting is monitored and adjusted throughout the academic year.



Attitude to Learning

All student’s attitude to learning will be assessed at each assessment point using the following criteria