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Key Stage 3

Speaking and Listening (including Drama), Reading and Writing are the three areas of skills which are taught in English lessons. Students will be developing skills within each area throughout the year.

Key Stage Three students take part in a wide variety of activities, including group work, drama, debate, ICT-based activities, research-based projects, independent extended pieces of creative writing, and writing to express an opinion. Students engage in a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, from Shakespeare to modern novels, poetry and current affairs.

Key Stage Three work is measured in grades in the same way that the New English Language and English Literature GCSEs are. Student engagement and progress is at the core of our new curriculum and we use precise and targeted language to communicate with students so that they know how to progress in English, often setting and evaluating their own targets, and achieve to the best of their ability.

Reading for Pleasure is an important skill for improving students’ performance across school, not just in English. Therefore, all Key Stage Three students take part in our Accelerated Reader programme which tracks student reading and reading ages and which improves reading engagement significantly over the whole five years that students attend Stockport School.

Year 7 Curriculum

Year 8 Curriculum

Year 9 Curriculum 

Key Stage 4

During Y10 and Y11, students study for English Language and English Literature GCSEs. Students are assessed on reading and writing creative and non-fiction texts. They are also assessed separately on their speaking and listening skills. Key skills involve the ability to read for understanding, explore the language a writer uses and explore writers’ ideas within texts. These skills support the development of students’ writing skills, which include the ability to organise ideas into paragraphs, use a variety of punctuation accurately and use language appropriate for the audience and purpose of the text they are writing. The GCSE curriculum is very demanding and all examinations are 'closed book', which means high attendance and developing good personal study habits are essential. 

Year 10 Curriculum 

Year 11 Curriculum



Stockport School Firefly—English GCSE page and the English GCSE workspace page.

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Equipment required

All students are required to have a reading book as part of their daily equipment. Students at KS3 will be given copies of all texts that will be needed. Students at KS4 will be directed to the text they require.

Students will always need pens, their exercise books and copies of any homework set for the lesson that it is due in.

Useful Contacts

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