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Senior Prefect Team - Head Boy & Head Girl – 2022-23 - 23/06/2022


Senior Prefect Team - Head Boy & Head Girl – 2022-23
I would like to give thanks to our 2021/22 Head Boy, Stan O, and his Deputy, Sam P, and to Head Girl, Izzabel T, and her Deputy, Maddie T. Thanks also go to the wider Senior Prefect Team for their outstanding contribution and commitment to the school this year, and we wish them all the very best for their futures.
In terms of appointing our new Head and Deputy Head Boys and Girls, it has been incredibly difficult to decide upon this year, due to the quality and strength of the shortlisted applicants. I am delighted to inform you however, that Niamh L has been appointed to the role of Head Girl, and Ben F to the role of Head Boy for 2022/23. Niamh and Ben will be very ably supported in their roles by Jennifer C as Deputy Head Girl, and Daniel M as Deputy Head Boy. The Head and Deputy Head Prefects will also be ably supported by Grace J, Eve O’C Nicholas S and Jack C as the first of our Senior Prefects. We are also currently in the process of finalising the remainder of the Senior Prefects, as well as the wider Prefect Team, in advance of them all beginning in their roles in September.
I would like to thank our outgoing team for their great commitment this year, and also congratulate the first of our newly appointed Senior Prefect Team members, and wish them well in their new leadership roles which I am confident that they will be hugely successful with.