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Key Priorities


For your information as parents and as stakeholders in the school, we have identified a list of key strategic priorities which we intend to focus on over the next two academic years. The key priorities outline the main areas which I believe, we as a school, need to continue to develop in order to help us move towards and secure consistent outstanding outcomes for our students. The list of key priorities is split across 6 key strands.

1)       Curriculum Development

2)       Teaching & Learning

3)       Achievement For All

4)       Leadership Development

5)       Communications

6)       Finance, Buildings & Resources

We intend to try and involve you as parents in the development of many of these key priorities as we move forward. As ever, we greatly appreciate your support in helping us to build an outstanding school for us all to be proud of.

Please click on the link icon, below, to view an outline of the specific focus areas for further school improvement in 2022/23, taken from our school development plan 2022-2023, in our bid to deliver outstanding outcomes for our students.

In addition, we also have a Governors' vision for the school, which we aim to fulfil. The vision document, attached below, is clearly designed to that of the school development plan and our priorities document outline's further how we intend to support the delivery of the vision